Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
Steam FAQ

General Questions

Q1: How to I start the Steam version?
A1: The Windows® version of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round (DOA5LR) is only offered through Valve's Steam service.

You need the Steam client in order to install and launch DOA5LR.
You can play DOA5LR after you install Steam and create an account.

Steam is a platform service offered by Valve which supports game downloads, game management, communication and playing.

> Installing Steam
> Creating a Steam account
Q2: Can I use a gamepad?
A2: We support gamepads, but compatibility has not been checked with all gamepads.
Q3: Can I play with keyboard controls?
A3: Keyboard control is also supported. You can also play using only the keyboard.
Click here for details on keyboard control.
Q4: What are the required PC specs to play the game?
A4: Please view this page for details on the recommended spec for the game.
Q5: Can the Steam version carry over save data from PS4™/PS3®/Xbox One/Xbox 360?
A5: The Steam version cannot carry over save data from PS4™/PS3®/Xbox One/Xbox 360.
Q6: Can the Steam version carry over DLC from PS4™/PS3®/Xbox One/Xbox 360?
A6: The Steam version cannot carry over DLC from PS4™/PS3®/Xbox One/Xbox 360.
Q7: Is an Internet connection required to play the game?
A7: An Internet connetion is required in order to access Steam because the game checks the connection at startup.

Offline Play

Q1: The game does not start.
A1: Please try the following:

1. The game might not run when other applications are also running.
Please try closing the other applications and restarting the game.

2. The PC you are using might not meet the required spec.
Please check the error message displayed to confirm if your PC meets the required spec.
Click here for the PC spec chart.
You can change graphics settings for the game by selecting Config when starting the game.
The game might run with lower graphics settings, so please try changing the settings.

3. Perform the following changes to where the game is installed.
- Change the install directory to C: drive
- Use only letters and numbers in the file path (no spaces, punctuation characters, or special symbols)
Q2: How many people can play offline?
A2: Up to 4 players with separately connected USB game controllers can play at the same time.
Q3: How can I change resolution and sound settings?
A3: When launching the game, select Config to start the configuration tool.
Q4: I can't customize the keyboard control layout.
A4: The game currently does not support keyboard control customization.
Q5: How many save data files can be created?
A5: One save data file for each Steam account.
When you log into Steam with a different account, different save data will be created.
Q6: Where is save data stored?
A6: Save data is created in the following directory: My Documents\KoeiTecmo\DOA5LR
Q7: Can I use save data created by someone else?
A7: You can use copied save data as long as you use the same Steam account and same game version. You cannot use save data created by a different Steam account.
Q8: The game runs slowly.
A8: Changing the graphics settings might help.

(How to change the settings)
1. Select "Config" when the game starts to open the settings menu.
2. Set the various options as follows:
Resolution: 1024x768
Shadows: Off
Screen: Window Mode
Antialiasing: Off
3. Save the settings and restart the game.
Q9: Fullscreen mode displays strangely.
A9: Changing the display settings of your PC might help.
In the graphics settings of your OS, change the screen resolution to the same as the game's resolution.

For Windows Vista®
[Control Panel]→[Customize Desktop]→[User Settings]→[Display Settings]

For Windows® 7
[Control Panel] →[Display] → [Adjust screen resolution]

For Windows® 8,8.1
[Settings]→[Change PC settings]→[Display]

If the screen looks stretched vertically or horizontally or the edges of the screen display nothing but black, please make sure your OS and monitor settings are set correctly.
Q10:NEW I am unable to proceed after the "This game saves data automatically at certain points..." message is shown.
A10: It is possible that a device other than your controller or keyboard is being recognized as your primary input device. Try closing the game, removing all input devices except the keyboard (mouse, controller, tablet, secondary keyboard, etc.) and restarting.


Q1: Can I play against others online?
A1: Currently the game only supports offline play. Online gameplay is planned to be added at a later date. Details will be announced on the website when they are available.
Q2: Does the game support achievements?
A2: The game does not support achievements.
Q3: Does the game support Steam Cloud?
A3: The game does not support Steam Cloud.