DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Ver. 1.02 Patch Change List

PS4™ / PS3™ : 3/3/2015
A costume damage feature has been added.
Costumes that support this feature will become damaged when the character is hit with a Critical Burst attack, wall or floor Danger Zone, etc.
(As of 3/25, this is implemented for SENRAN KAGURA Mashup Costumes only.)
Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash after pausing a replay as it showed a Power Blow being aimed. -
Fixed so that the game no longer freezes in Lesson 40.9 of the tutorial, and save data is no longer corrupted upon completing Lesson 40.8.
You can now use a command to unlock costumes (for characters except for Honoka and Raidou), Story Mode progress, movies, system voices, music, and the OMG breast motion setting.

Go to Options and input L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 at the same time, and a sound will play to confirm that the unlock was successful.

In DOA5LR: Core Fighters, music will not be unlocked with this command. Movies and progress from Story Mode will not be unlocked unless the Story Mode DLC has been purchased.
Fixed a bug that caused costumes 1-2 for Marie Rose, Phase 4 and Nyotengu to become unselectable after carrying over save data from PS3 under certain conditions.
Fixed an unnatural animation that occurred when Honoka or Raidou evaded certain Danger Zones (e.g. tigers) with the Hold command.
When the COM opponent is set to Raidou in Free Training, the standing throw he will use for COM Action, COM Reaction, etc. has been changed from →T to T.
Fixed a hang that occurred in certain modes while searching for Ranked Match, Lobby Match, and Throwdown opponents. -
Fixed an issue that caused the same information to display under "Today's Results" and "Overall Results". -
Changed the NAT Type options in the Online Menu. -
Title no longer hangs on the loading screen after certain characters are selected for a tag team. -