Message from the producer

I’d like to thank everyone for participating, watching and supporting the DOA6 World Championship this year. I would also like to thank everyone who has played DOA6 throughout the year and those of you who even traveled to Tokyo to join us for the DOA Festival.

This tour, which kicked off in France on April 2019, has been fought in North America, Europe (EMEA) and Asia. In November, representatives from all three regions gathered for a final tournament in Japan to decide the world's best DOA6 player. The DOA6 World Championship was planned for more than a year and has been held over a span of six months. In the end, it was North America's H0oDLeSs who overcame the fierce battles and won the championship. Congratulations to Mark Macklin!

Special thanks to all the amazing players who have participated in these world-class matches and captivated the audience and competitive players from all over the world. We would also like to thank the many tournament organizers and sponsors who have partnered up to help produce our tour this year.

Looking back on this season, the players were very active, but we also had some key points to reflect on. During the tour, there are significant rule changes, mechanic adjustments and character balancing. At the final tournament, there were inefficiencies in the handling of the communications with qualified players and issues with the game setups causing avoidable delays in the process. Even our important Top 8 finals suffered as we could not showcase all of the closely fought matches. In hindsight there were many things we could have done differently to avoid these stumbling blocks.

We apologize for our tour's shortcomings to all the supportive players who have passionately engaged with us this season and to those who were looking forward to our tournaments. A lot of comments and opinions were received from the supporters of DOA6 and the management team during the competition and at the DOA festival venue. Whether it is words of support, rebuke, requests for improvement or other types of feedback, we are very grateful for every word we have received from you all.

"DOA6 World Championship 2019" has come to an end, but we would like to reflect on this year and make our best efforts moving forwards.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Yohei Shimbori, Producer