General Questions

PS4™Xbox OneSteam®
What is the difference between DOA6: Core Fighters and the retail version of the game?

In Core Fighters, you can play most of the modes of game as much as you want only with certain characters (note for Story Mode, only the introductory chapter is available). Please check here for more details.

PS4™Xbox OneSteam®
Nothing downloads after I redeem a code for DLC.

Please refer to the support site of your hardware provider if you are having trouble downloading content.

PS4™Xbox OneSteam®
Can I carry over my DLC and other data from DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round?

Purchased DLC and save data from the DOA5 series cannot be carried over.

PS4™Xbox One
Can I carry over save data from the Online Beta Test or Deluxe Demo versions of DEAD OR ALIVE 6?

Save data from the Online Beta Test and Deluxe Demo versions cannot be carried over.

How do I start the Steam® version?

Steam client software is required to install and run DOA6.
You can play DOA6 only after installing the Steam client software and registering an account.
An internet connection is required to install the Steam client software and when starting the game.

Can I use a game controller?

Controllers that support XInput can be used.

Can I play the game by using a keyboard only, and not using a game controller at all?

Keyboards are also supported. The game can be played by using only a keyboard.

What are the general PC specifications required to play the game?

The recommended specifications can be found here.

Offline Play

I'm unable to capture a screenshot using F12.

The game is using Steam client settings for the screenshot function. Please confirm the following Steam settings:
- Please select "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" through [Steam]>[Settings]>[In-Game].
- Please confirm that your screenshot shortcut key is set to F12. If it is set to another key, please make sure you are using the correct key when attempting to capture screenshots.

I'm using an AMD Radeon graphics card and the game crashes on certain stages.

With drivers v19.1.1 and above, the problem can be avoided by changing the following setting:
1. Load AMD Radeon Settings and open the Gaming tab.
2. Open Global Graphics.
3. Select the GPU Workload and change it from "Graphics" to "Compute."
4. Click Yes to restart AMD Radeon Settings for the change to take effect.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
I am unable to save replays.

The number of replays that can be saved and stored is limited. Once you reach that limit, you will not be able to save any new replays.
To save new replays, remove existing replays from DOA CENTRAL: THEATER.
Note: The maximum number of replays that can be saved is 200.
Note: If the OPTIONS setting "Overwrite" has been turned on, when the number of saves exceeds 200, the oldest data will be overwritten automatically.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
Replays from different versions cannot be played.

Replay data from Ver. 1.00 is incompatible with Ver. 1.01 and later versions. As such, replays created by using Ver. 1.00 cannot be played by using Ver. 1.01 or a later version.
Also, replay data created by using Ver. 1.01 or a later version cannot be played by using Ver. 1.00.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
If I have triggered an arena prop once in the Tutorial without fulfilling the objective, I am unable to proceed because the prop cannot be triggered again.

Use one of the following commands to reset all area props and character positions. (The same commands can also be used in FREE TRAINING, COMBO CHALLENGE, and other modes.)

Playstation®4: Hold down the L3 button, or press the touch pad button + R2
Xbox One: Hold down left stick + RT
Steam®: Hold down left stick + RT

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
What does the "Repeat" setting do in COMBO CHALLENGE?

This allows you to toggle whether or not to stay on the same combo after you have completed it successfully.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
The Move Details window keeps changing pages.

Push the R3 button to lock or unlock the current Move Details page. A small key icon will show in the upper left corner when the page is locked.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
In FREE TRAINING mode, I cannot accept Throwdowns whilst on standby. (I do not know how to configure settings for Throwdowns.)

Select RANKED MATCH in ONLINE, and then set a character to be used in Ranked Matches.
Note: Throwdowns will be fought with the character you set for Ranked Matches, not with the character used in FREE TRAINING.

PS4™Xbox OneSteam®

The character to be displayed on the main menu screen.
The costume and hairstyle for "YOUR FIGHTER" can be customized from the wardrobe.

The game does not start.

Issues can be improved by performing one or more of the procedures below.

1.) The game might not run if other applications are running.
Please try exiting other applications that are running and try running the game again.

2.) The computer being used might not meet the required specifications for running the game.
Please confirm whether the required specifications are met by referring to the displayed error message.
(Click here for PC specifications.)

3.) It might be possible to resolve the issue by setting the installation destination as below.
- Install the game on the C drive.
- Make sure to use alphanumeric characters only for the path of the installation destination. (In other words, please do not use space characters, multi-byte characters, or special symbols.)

How can I change resolution and sound settings?

They can be changed from OPTIONS.

I cannot configure the keyboard.

Keyboard configuration is not supported.

How many items of save data can I create?

Only 1 item of save data can be saved for each Steam account.
If the Steam client is logged into by using a different Steam account, such save data will be different.

Where is save data saved?

Save data is created at the following path: Documents\KoeiTecmo\DEADORALIVE6\(numbered folder)\under

Can I use another person's save data?

Copied files of save data can be used if the same Steam account and version of the game are used.
Save data created by using a different Steam account cannot be used.

The game runs slowly.

Issues can be improved by changing the GRAPHICS settings from OPTIONS.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
In a fight versus another user with the Event mode is ON, the game does not pause even when I hold down the pause button.

When fighting another person with the Event mode ON, both players 1 and 2 must simultaneously hold down the pause button to pause the game.
Note: In a future update, we plan to implement a correction that enables the game to be paused when either player 1 or player 2 holds down the pause button.

Online Play

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
Is there a penalty for a dropped connection during battle in a Ranked Match?

There is a penalty for a dropped connection during a Ranked Match. From the time you are matched to an opponent to the finish of the match, if your connection is dropped, you will lose Ranking Points. The number of Ranking Points deducted depends on your Rank.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®
Can I play online matches between different platforms, such as PS4™, Xbox One, and Steam® etc.?

You cannot play online matches between different platforms.

PS4™Xbox ONE
When will we be able to play the online modes?

Playing in online modes without applying the version 1.01 update may cause unforeseen errors to occur, so please make absolutely sure to apply the update before playing the game.

PS4™Xbox ONE
Sometimes the connection quality icon is a straight antenna, but other times it is a wavy antenna. What is the difference?

A wavy antenna icon is used to denote players with wireless connections, while a straight antenna icon is for those with LAN connections.

PS4™Xbox ONE
There is nothing displayed within my information area.

Make sure that you are signed in to PlayStation™Network or Xbox Live.
If nothing displays several minutes after signing in, restarting the game may fix the issue.
If that does not work, the game may be in maintenance mode. Please wait a while and then try connecting again later.

PS4™Xbox ONE
I cannot find a match.

Your network or router settings might be limiting network traffic to one way. If that is the case, then you need to change your router settings to allow communication in order to use the P2P networking used by the game.
Adjust network settings at your own risk.

1. Check the following pages to ensure that you are using the proper router settings.
PS4™: https://manuals.playstation.net/document/gb/ps4/settings/nw_test.html
Xbox One: https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/networking/network-settings

2. (If your router's UPnP setting is off)
Ensure that the following ports are open:
*If your router has the UPnP function enabled, it is possible for a port to be blocked even with the above settings applied. In those cases, please disable the UPnP function before configuring your port settings.
*If your router has the UPnP function disabled, be sure to also disable the UPnP setting in the Network Settings menu of your system as well.

You need to open the following ports to enable network communication for your system.

■ PS4™
TCP:80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080,
UDP:3478, 3479, 3658,

■ Xbox One
TCP:3074, 53, 80
UDP:88, 3074, 53, 500, 3544, 4500

Please check the following pages for more details.
PS4™: https://manuals.playstation.net/document/gb/ps4/settings/nw_test.html
Xbox One: https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-one/networking/network-ports-used-xbox-live

3. Enable the ICMP setting for your router.
*Now, please try searching for a new match again.

4. (If still unsuccessful)
Check to see that the ports listed below are open:


*Now, please try searching for a new match again.

5. (If still unsuccessful)
If you are using a headset, please try disconnecting it.
By doing so, it will reduce the risk of a communication failure when creating an online session.
*Now, please try searching for a new match again.

6. (If still unsuccessful)
It may be that there are no players who currently meet your specified search criteria. Try changing your search criteria, or wait a short while and try searching again.

Known issues

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®

Various issues may occur when attempting to load data associated with version 1.01 or higher while using version 1.00. Please apply the most recent update.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®

In Ver. 1.00, the following costumes cannot be used at the wardrobe even if they have been purchased:
- Kasumi: Costume 07
- Kasumi: Costume 08
- Kasumi: Costume 09
- NiCO: Costume 04
- NiCO: Costume 05
- NiCO: Costume 06

This issue can be corrected by applying the most recent update.
Alternatively, they can be selected by purchasing the hairstyles below.

Purchasing the hairstyle "Kasumi: Ponytail (Yellow Ribbon)" enables "Kasumi: Costume 07", "Kasumi: Costume 08", and "Kasumi: Costume 09" to be selected.
Purchasing the hairstyle "NiCO: Bob (Yellow hairclip)" enables "NiCO: Costume 04", "NiCO: Costume 05", and "NiCO: Costume 06" to be selected.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®

The pause menu cannot be opened while the game is paused in FIGHT VIEWER or SPECTATOR modes.
This issue can be corrected by first canceling the paused state.

PS4™Xbox ONESteam®

If only the file named "SYSTEMDATA" in the folder Documents\KoeiTecmo\DEADORALIVE6\(numbered folder)\SYSTEMDATA is deleted, the game can no longer be started. As such, please delete the "SYSTEMDATA folder" itself. If the game is started in this state, a new "SYSTEMDATA folder" and "SYSTEMDATA" file are created, and a new game can be started.
Note: This issue will be corrected in a future update.
After I deleted save data, the message "Failed to load data." was displayed, and the game could no longer be started.


If SCREEN SETTINGS is set to "Full Screen", the "BRIGHTNESS" option is not applied, even after being changed.
To change the brightness, please change your screen setting to a setting other than "Full Screen".
Note: This issue will be corrected in a future update.