Announcing the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 World Championship!
Qualifiers will be held in North America, Europe, and Asia, with each region窶冱 top players competing at the Grand Finals in Japan.
Qualifiers and Grand Finals total prize money will amount to $90,000.


DOA6WC Finals Results

Tokyo, Japan | 11.23.2019

Since April 2019 roughly for half a year, 17 qualifier matches were held worldwide, and the best of the best 16 players from North America, Europe and Asia gathered at the DEAD OR ALIVE 6 World Championship Finals held on Saturday, November 23, 2019.

From North America: XCaliburBladez (Eliot) who won 5 qualifiers, as well as top ranking scorers H0oDLeSs (Rig), Mr_Kwiggle (Phase-4), ElectrifiedMann (Helena), Blackmoonrisingx (Leifang), and Crazy Steady (NiCO) for a total of 6 players from North America joining the competition.

Next we have from the Asia region: Shimazu (Ayane), the TGS2019 Fatal Match in Japan champion, Keisuke (Hayabusa), the winner of KVOxTSB 2019 and the Asia Online Qualifier, and Siologica (NiCO) and TeruRock (Kasumi), who piled up a lot of points in qualifiers around the world, for a total of 4 players from Asia joining the competition.

Europe was represented by: Gehaktbal (Bass), winner of VSFighting 2019 also earned the most points, Ky-Dragon, who came in next in points ranking, and Comic-Ari, winner of the EU East Online Qualifier, for a total of 3 players from Europe joining the competition.

The final slots were determined the day of the World Championship Finals at the Last Chance Match qualifier. Many strong players gathered, but in the end Fuwatin (Kokoro), Futagon (Rig) and Tanii (NiCO) were able to earn their ticket to the finals. Due to circumstances, North American qualifier Killyxx (Tina) could not participate in the finals, but we hope to see him at future events.

The TOP 8 Winners saw tournament favorite XCaliburBladez win against Shimazu and Electrified Mann. Then H0oDLeSs defeated Comic-Ari and Mr_Kwiggle, and then Siologica and Last Chance Match qualifier Futagon showed good performances to enter the TOP 8.

From the TOP 8 Losers side, the players who made comebacks were Gehackbal, TeruRock, CrazySteady and Electrified Mann.

In the TOP 8 match, H0oDLeSs' Rig made his way into the TOP 8 by having a close game against top-caliber player XCaliburBladez, causing the first of several upsets. After that, Siologica won a close battle with Futagon to proceed to the Winners Final.

In the Winners Final, H0oDLeSs played Rig in a full-on mid-range battle against Siologica's NiCO, and with a decisive 3-1 H0oDLeSs advanced to the Grand Final.

In the Losers tournament, Crazy Steady, who previously lost to Siologica, changed his character to Helena and made a stunning comeback. Futagon, XcaliburBladeZ and Siologica were all defeated 3-0 by Crazy Steady, and he made a return to the Grand Final.

In the Grand Final, it was a match up between H0oDLeSs from the Winners side and Crazy Steady from the Losers side. Although it seemed that Crazy Steady might get the upper hand with the momentum he gained from fighting his way throughout the Losers matches, H0oDLeSs showed brilliant Helena counterplay to gain the advantage and expanded his lead to 2-1.

Crazy Steady then changed his character back to his main character NiCO, but once again H0oDLeSs showed his skills to become the winner of a stunning DOA6 World Championship Finals.

The final rankings are listed below. Lastly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the 16 players who gathered from around the world to participate in the DOA6WC Finals and the many players who participated in and supported our tour. We look forward to seeing all of you again.


https://youtu.be/DWtvRv77ZEQ (JP)